Welcome to my Portfolio

I'm Sam, a product designer at Reonomy in New York City.

WHo I am

I collaborate with teams to develop, maintain & scale design systems, strategies, & processes that create great user experiences.

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Arsenal fan, designer, maker, Eames enthusiast and UI/UX evangelist. Operating at the crossroads of aesthetics and research to develop visual solutions & experiences that inform and persuade. Indian designer raised in the US & currently living in New York City.

My Process



I review your project constraints, user needs and set about validating the hypothesis.



I design everything from wireframes to HiFi prototypes to bring your idea to life.



Screens are nice, but usable and shareable prototypes are better. I take the HiFi designs and bring them to life.


User Testing & Handoff

I test the design and validate the hypothesis that was initially set out. I then ensure handoff goes well with my knowledge of coding.

Featured case study:
Bound Transit

My favorite project so far has been Bound. Bound is a look at the way we commute in NYC. Bound tries to imagine an app that would focus on the user's most travelled to and from locations. The assumption was that, by focusing on this interaction, Bound could be more deliberate and accurate about delays, train arrivals, and station closures.

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Always get to your favorite places on time.

Dynamic Route Changes

Bound's most unique feature is the ability to change your route without resetting the entire process. Get updates on specific trains within your route and change them as you see fit.


Bound is built around your favorite places. Continuously tracking and making sure you have the most efficient and up to date route from wherever you are to your favorite bagel spot, coffee shop, work, or home.